“Smooched at the Oscars: John Travolta’s Unforgettable Encounter with Scarlett Johansson Inspires Hilarious Memes”

Before the Academy Awards ceremony even started, John Travolta managed to steal the show from host Neil Patrick Harris. The actor, famously known for flubbing Idina Menzel’s name at last year’s Oscars, created a buzz on social media by surprising Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet. Travolta approached Johansson from behind and planted a kiss on her cheek while placing his hand around her waist. The unexpected gesture and Johansson’s amused reaction were captured in a single photo and quickly spread across the internet. Travolta once again became the talk of the town.

Surprise move: John Travolta, known for his mishap of mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars last year, created a buzz on social media once again. This time, he surprised Scarlett Johansson by sneaking up on her on the red carpet.

Numerous memes have surfaced online following John Travolta’s kiss at an awards show. These memes feature various personalities such as Kanye West, the Statue of Liberty, and even Travolta kissing himself while dressed up as his character from the movie-musical Hairspray. World leaders like Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin are also included, but Joe Biden does not miss out on the action either. Travolta made headlines again after reuniting with Idina Menzel, whom he mistakenly introduced as Adele Dazeem last year, and repeatedly caressed her face. The actor acknowledged his mistake, saying he played with her chin too much.

Get ready to see John Travolta bust a move with none other than his character, Edna Turnblad, from the hit film Hairspray. This iconic performance is sure to have you tapping your toes and grooving along.

Can yoυ believe it? Travolta is giving his cheek to someone! He’s even wrapping himself around the Statue of Liberty.

What’s wrong with having one more person around? The lovable Vice President Joe Biden joins in on the fun.

Amusingly, a picture of a 61-year-old actress planting a kiss on the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has surfaced and is making quite an impression as a meme.

I have this little voice in my head that guides me, but I can’t decide if it’s a tiny John Travolta or a huge Vladimir Putin.

The kiss that took place on V-J Day in Times Square is considered one of the most memorable moments in American history. However, the iconic status of this kiss was challenged when Travolta made his appearance.

Apologies Uma Thurman, the spotlight has shifted to a new leading lady: Travolta has found a new dancing partner to replace his famous Pulp Fiction counterpart.

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