Shining in Style: Beyonce Rocks a Chic Black Leather Mini Dress Alongside Jay-Z at Brooklyn Nets Game, as Mom Tina Lawson Dispels Social Anxiety Rumors

Beyoncé was proud to show off her tight-fitting black leather outfit while attending a Brooklyn Nets game with her husband Jay-Z. She loved it so much that she even shared more photos of herself wearing the same sizzling ensemble on Sunday. Her mother, Tina Lawson, felt compelled to speak out against rumors that Beyoncé suffers from social anxiety, reassuring fans that they were unfounded.

Can't get enough: Beyoncé, 39, loved her black leather look from Saturday's Brooklyn Nets game so much that she shared even more photos of the glamorous outfit to Instagram on Sunday

Beyoncé just can’t get enough of her black leather look from the Brooklyn Nets game last Saturday. In fact, the 39-year-old singer shared even more photos of her stunning outfit on Sunday on her Instagram account. She previously flaunted her sparkling ensemble on Saturday but apparently, she couldn’t resist showing off more snaps of her glamorous figure in the monochrome getup. Standing at 5ft7in, Beyoncé showcased her curves in a full-body snap that accentuated her long legs, thanks to her pointy black heels. Her lustrous black leather mini dress was truly eye-catching and gleamed beautifully in the light. The dress also came with some handy pockets for her to relax with while she covered up the off-the-shoulder dress with a sparkling black jacket.

Legs for days: The 5ft7in songstress highlighted her curves in a full-body snap that emphasized her long legs with her pointy black heels

The singer, who stands at 5ft7in, flaunted her curves in a photo of her entire body. Her pointy black heels accentuated her long legs, which seemed to go on for miles.

Back in black: She had on a lustrous black leather mini dress that gleamed in the light. She covered up the off-the-shoulder dress with a sparkling black jacket

Dressed to impress in black: The outfit she sported was a sleek and shiny black leather mini dress that caught the eye with its luster. To add a touch of glamour, she threw on a dazzling black jacket over the off-the-shoulder dress.

Sparkler: The leather coat was decorated with large silver spangles that were arranged in a stylish houndstooth pattern

The leather jacket was adorned with big silver sparkles that were arranged in a chic houndstooth design.

Casual: She wore the coat down around her arms to show off her shoulders and her caramel-colored locks, which she parted down the middle and wore pin straight

In a relaxed fashion, she donned a leather coat adorned with large silver spangles arranged in a trendy houndstooth design. The coat was draped over her arms, accentuating her shoulders and caramel-colored locks, which she parted down the middle and wore sleek and straight. Her luscious long hair framed her impeccably made-up face, highlighting her glossy lips that she puckered up for a kiss in one photo. To complement the coat’s glitter, Beyoncé sported a chunky diamond choker around her neck and paired it with earrings featuring green stones enclosed by small diamonds.

Perfect pucker: Her long locks framed her elegantly made-up face, including her glossy lips, which she highlighted in one photo as she puckered up for a kiss

Flawless smooch: With her flowing tresses complementing her stunningly done-up features, she drew attention to her lustrous lips in a snapshot where she puckered up for a kiss.

Accessorized: Beyoncé matched the coat's sparkle with a thick diamond choker around her neck, and she also had on a set of earrings with green stones surrounded by small diamonds

Beyoncé added some bling to her outfit by pairing her coat’s shimmer with a chunky diamond necklace around her neck. She also wore a pair of earrings featuring green stones surrounded by tiny diamonds for an extra touch of glam.

On point: The Lion King star looked too cool for school in a pair of chunky black sunglasses that perfectly complemented her outfit

Spot on: The dazzling actress from The Lion King rocked a pair of black, chunky sunglasses that effortlessly enhanced her stylish ensemble.

Too cute! Beyoncé got affectionate with her husband Jay-Z, 51, in a cute photo showing her leaning in for a kiss on his cheek

The photo of Beyoncé and Jay-Z sharing a sweet moment is simply adorable! The famous singer looked incredibly stylish in her chunky black sunglasses that had rows of sparkling studs on the sides. Her affectionate gesture towards her husband, Jay-Z, was captured in the picture as she leaned in for a kiss on his cheek. Jay-Z, on the other hand, matched her cool sunglasses with round-frame shades of his own and added some bling to his casual look with a silver chain. He wore a black baseball cap and a black T-shirt promoting the popular restaurant chain Jon & Vinny’s from LA.

Yum! The two appeared to have enjoyed a luxurious meal before their basketball game that included a tray of fresh fruit with watermelon, grapes, strawberries and oranges

Mmm! The duo seemed to have indulged in a fancy feast prior to their basketball match. The spread consisted of a delightful selection of fruits such as juicy watermelons, succulent grapes, luscious strawberries, and tangy oranges.

The Big Apple: The Drunk In Love singer also snapped a photo of the Manhattan cityscape as they drove to Brooklyn's Barclays Center arena, where the Nets play

During their journey to the Barclays Center arena in Brooklyn, where the Nets play, the renowned singer of “Drunk in Love” captured a snapshot of the Manhattan skyline. This city, also known as the Big Apple, is a popular tourist destination due to its iconic landmarks, bustling streets, and diverse culture.

Taking a load off: Beyoncé caught a glimpse of Jay looking totally at ease from their courtside seats as he crossed his legs while showing off his beige and green sneakers

Relaxing in style: While at a basketball game, Beyoncé spotted her husband, Jay, looking comfortable and relaxed as he kicked up his legs and showed off his trendy beige and green sneakers from their courtside seats. To start their luxurious night out, the couple enjoyed a delicious meal that included a tray of freshly cut fruits such as juicy watermelon, sweet grapes, tangy strawberries, and zesty oranges. During their drive to the Barclays Center arena, where the Nets play, the “Drunk In Love” singer couldn’t resist capturing a stunning photo of the Manhattan cityscape.

Good luck charm: Beyoncé and her stunning legs were the star of the game on Saturday, which saw the Nets beating the Milwaukee Bucks 115 to 107

Beyoncé’s gorgeous legs proved to be the lucky charm at Saturday’s game where the Nets dominated the Milwaukee Bucks, winning 115 to 107.

Glamorous: She entered the arena rocking a pair of black Louboutin stilettos with the iconic red bottoms

Stylish: As she stepped into the room, all eyes were drawn to her stunning black Louboutin high heels, complete with the trademark red soles.

Loved up: The lovebirds couldn't keep their hands off each other, and the masked singer leaned in to nuzzle her face against Jay's at one point

The couple, often referred to as lovebirds, were unable to keep their hands off each other during a recent game where the Nets beat the Milwaukee Bucks 115 to 107. Beyoncé stole the show with her stunning legs and black Louboutin stilettos that featured the iconic red soles. Despite Jay-Z’s past infidelity, which he addressed on his critically acclaimed 2017 album 4:44, the two couldn’t resist showing their affections courtside. Beyoncé kept her black mask on for safety measures, but that didn’t stop her from nuzzling her face against Jay’s in a sweet moment. Tina Lawson, Beyoncé’s mother, shared a post on Instagram featuring the couple sitting courtside throughout the years, captioning it with the sentiment that when you love someone, you just want to touch them, even if it’s just your feet.

Sweet gesture: Beyoncé's mother Tina Lawson shot down rumors that Jay touches Beyoncé in public to ease her anxiety. 'Yal [sic] can turn something good and healthy into something weird!!!'

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Lawson, recently spoke out against the rumors that Jay-Z touches Beyoncé in public to ease her anxiety. She dismissed these claims and encouraged people to try giving and receiving human touch as a way to stay connected and healthy. She also rejected the notion that her daughter needs public displays of affection to help calm her anxiety, criticizing those who turn something good and healthy into something weird. Her message is clear: human touch is important and should not be misconstrued or exploited.

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