Sapphire Siren: Demi Rose stuns in curve-hugging fishtail gown at the BRITs 2019 after-party

With invites to all the top-notch A-list parties, it was no surprise to see Demi Rose, 23, turning heads as she left the BRITs event at the O2 Arena in London on Wednesday. The social media star, with a massive following of 8.5 million, looked stunning in a strapless sheer sapphire fishtail gown that almost had her spilling out.

BRITs 2019: Demi Rose poured her incredible curves into a sheer sapphire fishtail gown as she left the bash in London on Wednesday

At the BRITs 2019, Demi Rose flaunted her stunning figure in a sheer sapphire fishtail gown as she exited the event in London. The busty beauty squeezed into the sparkling dress and carried a matching handbag made of lace embossed material. With a gaze that could rival a movie star, Demi showed off her heavily made-up face after layering on a significant amount of makeup. Fresh from turning heads at London Fashion Week, it’s no surprise that the swimsuit model accessorized with a deep blue sheer scarf around her neck.

Bust-ing out: Busty Demi slipped her eye-watering curves in the twinkling dress and she toted her handbag in the same lace embossed material to match

Demi, with her eye-catching curves, flaunted her voluptuous figure in a dazzling dress, pairing it with a matching handbag made of lace embossed material. She has become a social media sensation, amassing a sizable following of 8.4 million on Instagram, thanks to her alluring photos.

The online star regularly shares posts showcasing her daring outfits and sun-kissed bikini shots from her glamorous travels around the world. In a recent interview, she attributed her ample derriere to good genes, rigorous gym workouts, and unwavering dedication.

 How to accessorise: Having made her presence known at London Fashion Week recently, it's no wonder the swimsuit model fastened a deep blue sheer scarf to her neck

Tips for accessorizing: After making a splash at London Fashion Week, the swimsuit model added a stylish touch to her outfit by tying a dark blue sheer scarf around her neck. Demi stays in shape with a rigorous workout routine that includes hip thrusts, partial squats, and jumping lunges, along with a diet focused on eggs, fish, vegetables, and nuts. Despite her busy travel schedule, she prioritizes her health by sticking to her routine. In an interview with MailOnline in September, she mentioned, ‘I make an effort to stay healthy, even with all the traveling. I may travel around the world, but I try to maintain my fitness regimen. People often comment that I’m the healthiest person they know. When it comes to indulgences, the most indulgent thing I’ll eat is nuts and peanut butter.’

She's stunning: As she looked longingly into the distance like a movie star on-screen, Demi showcased her heavily made-up looks after applying a mask of make-up

She looked absolutely stunning, gazing into the distance with a glamorous aura reminiscent of a movie star. Demi flaunted her elaborately done makeup, which seemed like a mask accentuating her features.
“I seem to gain weight quite easily. Whenever I indulge in something unhealthy, my body just packs on the pounds. So, unfortunately, no birthday cake for me!”
It appears that aside from modeling, acting might be in the future for Demi, as she has expressed a desire to venture into the film industry. In an interview with The Sun, she shared, “I’ve always had a passion for movies ever since my time at stage school. And one of my dreams is to become a Bond Girl, as I adore the style and glamour of those iconic films.”

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