“Pax Thien Embraces Big Brother Duties with Angelina Jolie by His Side”

Angelina Jolie’s adopted son from Vietnam, Pax Thien, is often seen accompanying her on various outings. At 15 years old, he is growing into a more mature and masculine young man. Recently, Angelina Jolie opted for a casual look with no makeup while shopping with Pax Thien and her biological daughter Shiloh in Los Angeles. Pax Thien has now become the eldest brother since Maddox left for Korea to study and frequently accompanies his mother to restaurants, shopping trips, and even on the red carpet. Vietnamese media has always been interested in Pax Thien. As a single mother since divorcing Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie takes care of all six of her children (biological and adopted) while Brad Pitt visits according to their agreed schedule. As her children grow older, Angelina spends more time with each of them according to their interests and personalities. In addition to her busy work schedule, Angelina can be seen taking her children out to eat, shopping, and visiting amusement parks.

Jolie, together with her two kids, Pax Thien and Shiloh, went on a shopping spree in Los Angeles on August 26th.

The adolescent male was sporting a fashionable athletic outfit complete with a comical sweatshirt adorned with the iconic cartoon character, Mickey Mouse.

When Pax was still a young lad, he tended to be reserved and kept to himself. Yet, as he spent more time with his mother Jolie and siblings, he blossomed into a self-assured and poised individual.

The adolescent male takes pride in his captivating, curly hair and a handsome and masculine facial formation.

Angelina Jolie wore a beautiful white dress paired with comfy flat sandals.

The well-known star, who is 44 years old, recently joined her oldest child Maddox on a trip to Korea for his educational pursuits abroad.

Pax Thien has experienced a considerable growth spurt and is now almost as tall as his mom, with a height of approximately 170 centimeters.

The little boy, who hails from Vietnam, often tags along with his famous adoptive parent Angelina Jolie to different occasions.

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