“Miley Cyrus’s Bold Confession: Embracing Her Quirky Side in a Daring High-Cut Leotard Performance at Sydney Opera House”

During her recent performance in Sydney, Miley Cyrus addressed the common perception of her being ‘crazy’ and expressed that it doesn’t really affect her. The 21-year-old singer delivered an energetic show at the Opera House, impressing the audience with her talent. In an interview with David Koch and Sam Armytage from Channel Seven Sunrise, she confidently stated that being called crazy doesn’t bother her because she knows it’s true.

Bringing the Opera House down! She wowed her fans earlier in the day when she took to the stage in the shadow of Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge

Impressing her fans with a stunning performance, Miley Cyrus stole the show at Sydney’s Opera House on Monday, which stands in the backdrop of the city’s renowned Harbour Bridge.

Power performance: She gave a rousing show demonstrating her vocal ability for the excited crowd 

The artist delivered an electrifying performance, showcasing her impressive vocals to the enthusiastic audience.

My father instilled in me the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. Growing up around icons like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, who are anything but ordinary, only reinforced this belief. I have been fortunate enough to have great examples of how to treat people well. However, I have witnessed many girls who appear polite in public but behave quite differently in person, lacking true kindness.

The cheek of it! The singer didn't leave much to the imagination with her rihinestone embellished stage costume

Wow, can you believe it? That singer’s stage costume was so revealing with all those rhinestones!

Just being Miley: The star who has eclectic taste in fashion said 'I say hello to everybody and I treat everybody the same.'

Miley Cyrus, the celebrity known for her diverse fashion sense, revealed that she treats everyone equally by greeting them warmly. She believes in extending the same courtesy to everyone she meets.

I always strive to maintain a positive reputation, and as far as I know, I have succeeded in doing so. My approach is simple – I greet everyone with equal warmth and respect. Interestingly, I tend to treat those at the bottom of the hierarchy better than those at the top. This is because higher-ups are constantly being fawned over, while those at the bottom may feel overlooked and undervalued.
One of my role models in this regard is the iconic country singer Dolly Parton. She makes a point to acknowledge and appreciate even the janitorial staff, going so far as to gift them signed autographs and hats. I aspire to follow her lead in treating everyone with kindness and consideration, regardless of their status or position.

Sam Armytage had a friendly conversation with the musician regarding her daring leotard and necklace that revealed a lot of thigh.

Tell all: Miley opened up to David Koch and Sam Armytage about her percieved image in the media spotlight

Miley Cyrus spilled the beans to David Koch and Sam Armytage about how she sees herself in the public eye.

Insta-opportunity: Miley lent down to take a photo of all of her Australian fans while performing on stage

Miley took advantage of a great opportunity during her performance in Australia by bending down to take a picture with her fans. She even joked that she would rather be considered crazy than not nice. Despite the beauty of Sydney, Miley’s flamboyant outfit from Australian brand Di$count Univer$e stole the show. The outfit included a high-cut leotard with a growling open mouth print and a green sequined coat with a dark fuchsia fur collar. The jacket also had an eye on the back and the message “Hello Sydney.”

Wrecking it! She went for a flamboyant outfit for her appearance on Channel Seven's Sunrise

Going bold! She opted for a flashy ensemble during her guest appearance on Channel Seven’s Sunrise.

Playing up for the crowd: The 21-year-old also wore a pair of knee length socks and black boots and had a flouro pink head band covered in tiny pom-poms, which had been made for her by fans

Getting the crowd going: The young adult donned knee-high socks and black boots, along with a headband covered in small pom-poms that were thoughtfully crafted for her by dedicated supporters. The headband was a bright pink color, giving off a fluorescent vibe.

Enjoying the spotlight: A fan threw a mask of Miley up on stage. The singer joined in on the fun by holding the picture up to her face while singing

Miley Cyrus was the center of attention during her performance when a fan threw a mask of her face up on stage. The singer joined in on the fun by holding the picture up to her face while singing. She completed her look with knee-length socks, black boots, and a fluorescent pink headband covered in tiny pom-poms that were made for her by fans. Miley rocked the house with renditions of her popular songs like Wrecking Ball and We Can’t Stop, before treating the live audience to a special Coldplay cover that wasn’t televised for fans at home. During an interview with Edwina Bartholomew, the show’s presenter, Miley mentioned how much she enjoyed the downtime she had on tour in Australia. In addition, she revealed her plans of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Tuesday.

Loving Oz: Miley said she has enjoyed downtime while in Australia

Miley Cyrus expressed her fondness for Australia, stating that she has been relishing the moments of leisure during her stay.

Just a little rearrangement: Sometimes dancing around of stage can lead to a costume malfunction

Occasionally, busting a move on stage can result in a wardrobe malfunction.

Colourful: The singer teamed a leotard with a green sequinned jacket with a fur collar

Vibrant: The vocalist paired a leotard with a flashy emerald sequined jacket and added a touch of glamour with a fur collar.

Hey there, Sydney! The celebrity left a note for her Aussie supporters on her jacket, stating that she plans to climb something tomorrow. Someone has given her permission to do so, but she’s feeling a bit anxious about it. Nevertheless, she’s thrilled! Later, she tried to imitate an Australian accent, but it didn’t turn out quite right. She conceded, “I can sort of do it, but it’s a bit off.”

Grateful: The 21-year-old revealed her flouro headband had been made for her by fans and thrown onstage at the event

The 21-year-old expressed her gratitude as she disclosed that her neon headband was a gift from her supporters and was tossed onto the stage during the occasion.

Blasting her popular songs: Fans went crazy when Miley started singing her hit single 'We can't stop'

Miley caused a frenzy among her fans as she performed her well-known track ‘We can’t stop’. The audience went wild and showed their adoration for the pop star.

Coquettish: The singer took to Instagram after her performance

Flirtatious: After her show, the singer took to Instagram to share some juicy details. She spilled the beans that she has no plans of collaborating with Justin Bieber anytime soon, but she’s excited to work with The Flaming Lips – one of her all-time favorite bands. When asked about her biggest inspiration, she gushed about Wayne Coyne, the lead singer of The Flaming Lips, and revealed that they’re currently working on an edgy new record. Miley also shared her pre and post-show rituals, including getting her dancers and band pumped up for the performance.

It's getting hot in here! The singer wasn't afraid to show off her figure for the crowd

Oh boy, things are heating up! The performer displayed confidence by flaunting her physique in front of the audience.

Belting it out: The star gave it her all for the tracks she performed - which included her hit Wrecking Ball

The celebrity put her heart and soul into the songs she performed, including her popular hit Wrecking Ball. During her performance, she gathers her dancers and band to do a unique routine that involves some oohs, ahhs, and turns. After the show, she admitted that it takes her a while to unwind due to the electrifying atmosphere on stage. She usually stays up until 5 am because of all the thrills and adrenaline rush. Moreover, the artist shared that she receives odd gifts from fans, such as animals. One time, someone gave her a four-month-old pig named Pig.

Arm swag: Miley was true to her signature style wearing a embellished emerald jacket and brightly coloured braceletes

Miley Cyrus stayed true to her distinctive fashion sense by flaunting an exquisite emerald jacket and a vibrant collection of bracelets to enhance her arm swag.

Collaboration: Miley said her next song will be with the band The Flaming Lips

Miley Cyrus has revealed that her upcoming musical piece will be a collaboration with The Flaming Lips.

Big fanbase: The singer wowed the crowd at the showcase who couldn't get enough of her performance

Huge following: The audience at the exhibition was blown away by the singer, who left them wanting more with her captivating performance.

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