“Love Aboard the Yacht: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham Share Intimate Moments with Lookalike Friends”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her fiancé Jason Statham are currently having a great time on a luxurious yacht in Ibiza. The couple looked very much in love on Sunday as they enjoyed their holiday together. Rosie, who is 35 years old, looked stunning in a black halter-neck swimsuit which she wore underneath a semi-sheer black dress. She was seen kissing and cuddling Jason while sporting oversized Celine sunglasses and carrying a fashionable bag from the high-end fashion house. To complete her look, she styled her caramel locks into a bun.

Beauty: Swimsuit-clad Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham enjoyed a luxury yacht trip with several men who look JUST like her long-term love, (one pictured left) on Sunday

Enjoying a relaxing day on a luxury yacht, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham were accompanied by a group of men who bore a striking resemblance to Statham. The model looked stunning in her swimsuit as they soaked up the sun and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Cute: Rosie and Jason were seen enjoying a PDA on board the boat as they hung out with friends

Having a lovely time:  She also flashed a hint of her bottom under a sheer dress as she hugged all her pals

Adorable: Rosie and Jason were caught engaging in some public displays of affection while sailing with their friends. Later, Rosie decided to take off her dress, revealing her stunning physique while she lounged on the top deck surrounded by her companions. Unlike his lady love, 48-year-old Jason chose to keep his shirt on during the outing, opting for a sporty two-tone T-shirt and shorts. He was joined by a group of men who bore an uncanny resemblance to iconic action heroes, including his brother Lee. Recently, Rosie expressed her desire to return to her hometown of Devon after spending years residing in the celebrity hotspot of Malibu, California.

Spot the difference: There were a selection of men on board who all looked rather like Jason,  including his brother, Lee, (third from left)

Can you identify the variation? There were several guys aboard who bore a striking resemblance to Jason, among them his sibling, Lee (the third one from the left).

Walking tall: Rosie looked incredible in a semi-sheer long dress as she stepped away from the boat

Strolling confidently: Rosie’s appearance was stunning in a lengthy, partially transparent gown as she disembarked from the vessel.

Getting those rays in: Rosie looked perfectly content as she sunbathed  with her group of friends

Rosie appeared to be completely at ease as she lounged in the sun alongside her circle of companions, soaking up those warm rays.

Straight out the pages of a fashion magazine; Rosie looked a vision as she walked around the boat

Hunky: Jason looked handsoe as the brooding actor hid behind designer sunglasses

Rosie’s stunning appearance on the boat would not be out of place in a high-end fashion magazine. She and her partner, Jason, have recently sold their Malibu mansion for $18.5 million in order to move their family, which includes five-year-old son Jack and five-month-old daughter Isabella, to London’s Chelsea district. Although she was born in Plymouth, Devon, Rosie has a special affection for the market town of Tavistock, also located in the South West of England. In an interview with Great British LIFE, she revealed that she is a country girl at heart.

Cute: She looked perfectly content as she sat with a big smile on her face

Adorable: With a wide grin on her face, she appeared entirely at ease.

Home girl: Rosie recently spoke of her longing to return to her home county of Devon after living in celebrity enclave Malibu, California for years

Rosie, a Devon native, expressed her desire to go back to her hometown after residing in the high-profile community of Malibu, California for quite some time.

Relaxed: Despite being engaged since 2016, Rosie and Jason are in no hurry to rush their wedding preparations. Welcoming their son, Jack, a year after her beau got down on one knee, Rosie told ET in 2018 that the wedding wasn't a 'huge priority'

Casual: Rosie and Jason have been engaged for quite some time now, starting from 2016. However, they do not feel the pressure to speed up their wedding plans. A year after Jason proposed, they welcomed their son, Jack. When interviewed by ET in 2018, Rosie mentioned that their wedding wasn’t a top priority at the moment.

She said: 'We're looking forward to that time. It's also not a huge priority for us; we're so happy. I think it will be fun to do it when the baby's grown up a bit and he can be involved in the wedding'

According to her, they are excited for the future event. However, it is not their top concern as they are content with their current situation. They believe it would be enjoyable to wait until their child is older and can participate in the wedding.

Family: Rosie and Jason - who share five-year-old son Jack and daughter Isabella, five months, together - sold their Malibu mansion for $18.5 million to move to the Chelsea district of London

Brothers? Jason tucked into a  snack as he hung out with a lookalike pal

Rosie and Jason, a couple with two children, a five-year-old son named Jack and a five-month-old daughter named Isabella, have recently sold their lavish Malibu mansion for a whopping $18.5 million. The reason behind this decision was to relocate to the beautiful Chelsea district of London.

Rosie said: 'I spend a lot of my time living in LA which is lovely. I spend a lot of time in other major cities too. There might be the glamour and fun to enjoy in a city but the real beauty is in the countryside and especially in my home county where the people are so nice and ready to volunteer smile for no particular reason'

Rosie shared that she spends a lot of her time in Los Angeles and other major cities, but for her, the real beauty lies in the countryside, particularly in her home county. She expressed her admiration for the fresh country air and the charming livestock consisting of sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens, and horses. Rosie finds being in the countryside very relaxing and lovely, and it feels like home to her. Despite being engaged since 2016, Rosie and Jason are not rushing their wedding preparations. They welcomed their son Jack a year after getting engaged, and Rosie mentioned in an interview that the wedding is not a top priority for them. They are happy together, and they believe it will be more enjoyable to tie the knot when Jack is a bit older and can take part in the wedding.

Tactile: Rosie caught up with one male pal as the boat trip got underway

Rosie met up with a male friend as soon as the boating adventure began, feeling the textures and sensations around her.

Bottoms up! Guests sipped on wine and champagne as they made the most of the sunshine

Cheers! Attendees enjoyed savoring glasses of wine and champagne while soaking up the warm rays of the sun.

Nice to see you! The group were all locked in animated conversation throughout the day

Great to meet you! The team was engaged in lively discussions all through the day.

Having a lovely day: It looks as though everyone was in high spirits as they giggled and chatted

The day seemed perfect as everyone was in a cheerful mood, exchanging laughter and conversation.

Lads, lads, lads! Jason was wearing a sporty T-shirt while his friends went shirtless

Hey guys, check it out! Jason was rocking a cool sports tee while his buddies opted to go shirtless.

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