“Kendall Jenner’s Victory: Snuggles Up to Ansel Elgort with Gigi Hadid as the Third Wheel During Venice Beach Fashion Shoot”

On Friday, it appeared that Ansel Elgort and Kendall Jenner were able to establish a connection while working together on a photo shoot. The two young celebrities were spotted in Venice, Los Angeles, where Kendall’s close friend and fellow model Gigi Hadid also posed for some shots. Ansel, who gained popularity from his role in The Fault In Our Stars, was seen keeping his arm around Kendall as they took selfies together.

Close: Ansel Elgort cuddled up to Kendall Jenner on the set of their photo shoot in Venice, Los Angeles on Friday, where they were also joined by Gigi Hadid 

Ansel Elgort and Kendall Jenner were spotted getting cozy during a recent photo shoot in Venice, Los Angeles. The pair was joined by supermodel Gigi Hadid, making it a fun trio on set. The three celebrities snapped group selfies using a selfie stick while Kendall stood in between Ansel and Gigi. Ansel displayed his strength by carrying a bright red bicycle on his shoulders. Kendall and Gigi also goofed around making duck faces and putting their arms around each other. It was definitely a fun and memorable photoshoot for the trio!

Selfie time: Kendall, 19, stood between Ansel, 20, and Gigi, 19, as they posed for group selfies with the help of a selfie stick

It was time for some selfie fun as Kendall, at 19, stood in the middle of Ansel and Gigi, both 19, to take group selfies with a nifty selfie stick.

Heavy lifting: The Fault In Our Stars actor showed off his strength as he shouldered a bright red bicycle

Flexing his muscles, the star of The Fault In Our Stars displayed his might by hoisting a vibrant red bike over his shoulders.

Gal pals: Gigi and Kendall enjoyed some girl time as they played around with their selfie sticks and chatted it up, just the two of them

Gigi and Kendall had a fun afternoon together, taking selfies with their trusty selfie sticks and catching up on girl talk. They even incorporated bicycles into their impromptu photo shoot, with the blonde beauty pushing around a sleek black bike. However, the weather took a turn and rain started pouring down, so the pair grabbed large umbrellas and moved to a new location. Even the rain couldn’t dampen their spirits during their much-needed gal pal time.

Sophisticated: Kendall was dressed in a simple black dress with dramatic side cut-outs, embellished with sequins, paired with bright red trousers

Casual: Kendall wore a sleek black dress that had stunning cut-outs on the sides, adorned with shiny sequins, and matched it with vibrant red pants.

Matchy matchy: The ladies wore matching sporty sandals, with their hair styled in loose curls

The gals rocked a coordinated look sporting matching athletic sandals while flaunting their luscious locks styled in effortless waves.

Jet-setting: The brunette beauty has just returned home from Paris, where she was glamming it up on the runways of Paris Fashion Week

Globe-trotting: The attractive brown-haired woman has recently arrived back to her hometown after a trip to Paris, where she was flaunting her style on the catwalks of the Paris Fashion Week.

Having fun? She spread her arms to her sides as though doing a little dance 

Are you enjoying yourself? She stretched out her arms as if swaying to some music. Kendall and Gigi kept their stylish outfits dry from the rain. Kendall donned a stunning black dress with side cut-outs adorned with sequins. In contrast, Gigi sported bright red trousers and sporty sandals, matching Kendall’s footwear. Kendall accessorized with a fashionable gray Louis Vuitton purse and a pair of headphones around her neck.

Wheely good fun! It seems bicycles were a prominent prop on set, as the leggy blonde was seen pushing around a black one

Having a blast on two wheels! Bicycles seemed to be a common feature during filming, as the tall blonde was spotted pushing a sleek black bike around.

Chic: Gigi, the daughter of RHOBH star Yolanda Foster, rocked a slate grey jacket over a white collared blouse and a very funky white skirt

Stylish: Gigi, who happens to be the daughter of Yolanda Foster from RHOBH, looked effortlessly chic in a slate grey jacket paired with a crisp white collared blouse and a unique, funky white skirt.

Observant: Gigi smiled, pointing out something in the distance that caught her eye

Gigi had an observant eye as she spotted something in the distance, which made her smile. The sassy young model, who is also the daughter of Yolanda Foster from RHOBH, chose to wear a slate grey jacket over a crisp white blouse and a trendy white skirt. Ansel was dressed to impress in a classic black and white suit, paired with stylish white sneakers. Before the shoot commenced, the trio indulged in a relaxing picnic on the beach, along with a female friend who had brought a selfie stick for some fun snaps.

Careful: It appeared that Kendall's trousers were dragging on the dirty ground as she walked

Watch out: It seemed like Kendall’s pants were touching the filthy pavement while she strolled.

Glam squad: An assistant attended to the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star's locks 

The Kardashian star had a helping hand from their assistant who tended to their glamorous locks.

In good company: Gigi was accompanied by a female pal as she strolled along on set

Gigi was joined by a female friend as she strolled around the set. The entire group sat on the sand and enjoyed their meal, which was served on paper plates. Kendall donned a loose-fitting white crop top that showed a few inches of her toned midriff, which she paired with a high-waisted leather skirt. Meanwhile, Gigi opted for a sporty red, white, and blue jacket, which she matched with an elegant printed skirt. Later, Kendall was spotted leaving the photo shoot while wearing a black fur-trimmed shawl over a long-sleeved grey crop top that showcased a couple inches of her midriff and kept her warm.

Staying dry: Eventually, the gang headed off to another location, sheltering themselves with large black and white umbrellas as rain began pelting down

Staying rain-free: The crew eventually departed for a different spot, using big black and white umbrellas to keep themselves dry when the rain started pouring down.

Looking good: Ansel was dapper in a classic black and white suit and white sneakers

Appearing stylish: Ansel looked sharp and sophisticated in a traditional black and white ensemble paired with pristine white sneakers.

Expensive accessories: Kendall carried a chic grey Louis Vuitton purse and wore a large pair of headphones slung around her neck

Kendall flaunted stylish accessories as she sported a grey Louis Vuitton purse and headphones draped around her neck. These high-end accessories definitely added a touch of luxury to her outfit.

Braving the elements: The group headed off to their next destination, sheltered by their large umbrellas 

The gang marched on towards their next adventure, protected from the weather by their trusty umbrellas. One member of the group, a stunning brunette, donned a pair of black skinny jeans and chic black leather ankle boots, which showed off her long legs. She carried a white purse and a cardboard gift box with ease as she walked. To complete her look, she pulled her hair back into a ponytail and wore aviator sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun. Later that day, Kendall shared a video on Instagram from the Sam Smith concert she had attended the night before with her older half-sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian, as well as her good friend Cara Delevingne.

Bon appetit! Earlier in the day, Kendall, Gigi, and Ansel enjoyed lunch at the beach 

Yummy! Kendall, Gigi, and Ansel had a delightful lunch by the seaside earlier today.

This way! The older sister of Kylie Jenner was followed by Ansel as she headed down to the shore

Come this way! Ansel followed Kylie Jenner’s older sister as she made her way towards the beach.

Careful! Kendall spread her arms as though to catch her balance on their way back to set

Watch out! Kendall quickly extended her arms, as if to stabilize herself while returning to the set.

Trendy: Kendall had on a baggy white crop top that revealed a few inches of her taut midriff, paired with a high-waisted leather skirt

Fashionable: Kendall rocked a stylish oversized white crop top that flaunted her toned abdomen, which she matched with a chic high-waisted leather skirt. The crowd joined in singing along to Sam Smith’s chart-topping track, “Stay With Me”. Later on, Kendall, her sister Khloe, and Sam Smith hung out together, as shown in the photo Kendall shared on Instagram. After strutting her stuff on the runways of Paris Fashion Week, Kendall returned home to Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Fashionista: Gigi wore a sporty red, white, and blue jacket with an elegant print skirt

Style enthusiast Gigi donned a trendy combination of a sporty jacket in patriotic colors of red, white, and blue paired with an exquisite printed skirt.

Can't forget that! They were joined by a female friend, who brought along a selfie stick

That memory sticks out in my mind! A gal pal joined them, equipped with a selfie stick.

How relaxing: The group plopped down in the sand and ate off paper plates

How calming: The team settled on the beach and enjoyed their meal on disposable dishes.

Teen idols: The trio have garnered legions of fans across the world 

The three teenage heartthrobs have amassed a massive following of devoted supporters from all corners of the globe.

Tucking in: Kendall proved that the stereotype that models never eat isn't true

Kendall Jenner has defied the stereotype that models don’t indulge in food. She impressed everyone as she walked the runway at the Chanel show, attended by high-profile celebrities Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Paradis. Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid shared her excitement on Twitter for being chosen as the new Maybelline ambassador. The IMG model extended her gratitude to her team, including Luiz Mattos, for their unwavering support throughout her journey. She also expressed her appreciation for the warm welcome extended to her by the entire Maybelline New York team.

Say cheese! Gigi flashed a peace sign as she posed for a selfie with a group of young male fans 

Cheese! Gigi grinned and threw up a peace sign while taking a photo of herself with a bunch of enthusiastic male admirers.

Good-bye for now: Kendall gave a female friend an affectionate farewell 

See you later: Kendall bid farewell to a female friend with warmth and affection.

Winter chic: She was later seen leaving the photo shoot, dressed more warmly in a black fur-trimmed shawl over a long-sleeved grey crop top that revealed a couple inches of midriff

Winter chic: She was later seen leaving the photo shoot, dressed more warmly in a black fur-trimmed shawl over a long-sleeved grey crop top that revealed a couple inches of midriff

Looking chic in winter: After the photo session, she stepped out in style wearing a black shawl with fur trimming. The shawl covered her arms and revealed a hint of midriff as she wore a long-sleeved grey crop top underneath.

Finishing touches: The model highlighted her long legs in black skinny jeans and strode along in black leather ankle boots, while carrying a white purse and a cardboard gift box

To add the final touches to her outfit, the model opted for a pair of black skinny jeans that accentuated her long legs. Completing the look were a pair of black leather ankle boots and a white purse, along with a cardboard gift box in hand. Expressing her excitement at being part of a certain family, she exclaimed that it was a dream come true. Ansel Elgort, who co-starred with Shailene Woodley in the Divergent sequel, Insurgent, will be seen in the movie which releases on March 20. He portrays the role of Caleb, Beatrice Prior’s brother, as she battles her inner demons against a powerful alliance set to destroy society. She receives support from those on her side to fight the good fight.

Keeping it casual: Kendall headed home after her photo shoot in her laid-back yet stylish look

Going for a relaxed vibe, Kendall made her way back home after finishing up her photo session. She donned an effortless yet chic ensemble, embodying the perfect blend of comfort and fashion.

Little souvenir: The model of the moment was carrying a gift-wrapped cardboard box in her hands

Little souvenir: The model of the moment was carrying a gift-wrapped cardboard box in her hands

A small memento: The current fashion icon held a cardboard box that was wrapped as a present.

Girls' night out! On Thursday night, Kendall attended a Sam Smith concert with sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian and good friend Cara Delevingne, Instagramming this photo with the singer

Having a good time with the girls! Kendall joined her sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian and close friend Cara Delevingne to watch Sam Smith perform on Thursday night. She even shared a photo on Instagram posing with the talented singer.

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