“Kendall Jenner Flaunts Her Slim Physique in a Chic Yellow Dress While Grabbing Snacks Before a Photo Shoot”

During the day, Kendall Jenner was seen wearing loose athleisure clothing. However, she decided to switch things up in the afternoon by wearing a form-fitting yellow dress that accentuated her curves while visiting a bodega in Manhattan’s trendy SoHo area on Monday. The 23-year-old model even shared some stunning photos of herself in the same outfit on her Instagram page later on.

Stunning: Kendall Jenner, 23, was spotted in a hip-hugging yellow body-contouring dress as she visited a bodega in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood on Monday

The gorgeous Kendall Jenner, who is only 23 years old, was seen rocking a stunning yellow body-hugging dress as she made her way to a bodega in the SoHo area of Manhattan on Monday. The dress perfectly highlighted her slim model figure, accentuating her cleavage and showcasing her long, toned legs. To complete her look, she paired the outfit with sparkling rhinestone heels and carried a chic white Prada purse with a gold chain strap. Her shiny black hair was neatly parted in the middle and flowed behind her in the wind, complementing her gold teardrop earrings.

Trim figure: Kendall slender model frame was highlighted by her tight yellow dress, which also showed off her cleavage and displayed her long toned legs

Kendall’s lean physique stood out in a vibrant yellow dress that accentuated her slender model frame. Not only did the dress reveal her cleavage, but it also showcased her well-toned legs.

Luxurious: The 5ft10in beauty paired the bright outfit with a pair of rhinestone-studded heels and wore a striking white Prada handbag with a gold chain strap under her arm

Sumptuous: Accompanied by rhinestone-studded heels and a striking white Prada handbag with a gold chain strap under her arm, the 5ft10in beauty adorned a bright outfit. The reality TV star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians opted for black Velvet Canyon sunglasses, but this time, she sported a larger style instead of her usual slim pairs. Crowds of fans followed Kendall as she left her luxurious SoHo hotel. As Forbes’ World’s Highest-Paid Model, Kendall stopped by a 6th Avenue bodega to purchase some snacks and refreshments for later.

Jet-black tresses: Her lustrous raven locks were parted down the middle and floated behind her in the breeze, framing a pair of gold tear drop-shaped earrings

Her hair was a glossy deep black shade, styled with a middle part and flowing freely in the wind. The locks framed her face elegantly, complementing the gold tear-shaped earrings she was wearing.

Black out: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also covered up with some black sunglasses

Popular: Kendall was seen leaving her SoHo hotel with a throng of fans not far behind

Kendall Jenner, a popular personality from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, shielded her eyes from the sun with a pair of black Velvet Canyon sunglasses. She was spotted leaving her hotel in SoHo, New York City, followed closely by a group of enthusiastic fans.

New style: The model eschewed the slim sunglasses she's recently been photographed in

Fresh version: Kendall opted for a different sunglasses style, ditching the slim frames that she was seen wearing recently. The model shared a photo on her Instagram while buying some refreshments and snacks from a convenience store. The picture looked like it was captured from the security camera of the shop as the quality was grainy. Despite her casual outing, the reality TV personality didn’t shy away from flaunting her perky buttocks as she leaned over to pay for her items. Known for her love of attention, Kendall made sure to put on a little show.

Security cam: A photo posted to her Instagram showed Kendall purchasing some drinks and food from the convenience store counter

Kendall was spotted on a security camera buying some refreshments and snacks from the counter at a convenience store. This was later shared on her Instagram page through a photo.

Verité: The grainy image, taken from a screen, looked as if it were from the store's own security camera footage

Verité: The fuzzy picture, captured from a monitor, appeared to be sourced from the surveillance system of the establishment itself.

Orange crush: Her beverage matched her ensemble

As she walked down the street, her drink perfectly complemented her outfit – a refreshing orange crush.

Show-off: The reality star, always putting on a show, appeared to put her pert derriere on display while making her purchase

Flaunting: The TV personality, known for her attention-grabbing behavior, seemed to showcase her shapely buttocks as she was buying something.

Refreshing: Kendall was seen exiting the shop holding an Orange Vanilla Coke and her snacks aloft

Snack time: Kendall was seen exiting the shop holding an Orange Vanilla Coke and her snacks aloft

Kendall was spotted coming out of the store with an Orange Vanilla Coke and her tasty treats in hand, looking fresh and rejuvenated. Later that day, she participated in a photoshoot, but it wasn’t specified what it was for or what product she was promoting. In one of the pictures captured from the shoot, the supermodel was seen lying down on a beautiful yellow couch that matched her outfit.

Keeping busy: Kendall was featured in a photo shoot the same afternoon

Mystery shoot: It wasn't clear what organization it was for or what she might have been advertising

Mysterious photo shoot: Later that day, she was spotted participating in a photo shoot, but it was unclear which company or product she was promoting.

Relaxing: In a photo from the set, the catwalk star was shown reclining on a matching yellow loveseat

Chilled: A snapshot from the shoot captured the runway model lounging on a cozy loveseat that perfectly matched the shade of yellow.

Driving off: Kendall's curves looked amazing as she hopped into the car

As Kendall got into the car, her stunning curves were on full display and looked amazing. To add to the aesthetic, she held a thick sunflower which she posed with. The photoshoot appeared to be going well until a malfunction occurred. However, Kendall shared one last picture from the same set, featuring an overturned white coffee cup and a splattered seat.

Props: Kendall posed with a bright yellow flower for her photos set

Kendall added a pop of color to her photo shoot by holding a vibrant yellow flower as a prop.

Whoops: Kendall shared a final image from the same set of an overturned white coffee cup on the now-splattered seat

Oops! Kendall posted one last photo from her photoshoot, featuring a spilled white coffee cup on the seat.

Kendall marked Father’s Day by sharing some delightful throwback photos of herself and Caitlyn Jenner on Sunday. The vintage snaps showcased a charming Kendall as a happy baby cradled in her father’s arms. In another amusing photo, Caitlyn carried an older version of her daughter with an unimpressed expression on her face. Kendall playfully captioned the image with ‘Still accurate.’

Father's Day: On Sunday, Kendall shared some sweet throwback snaps of her and Caitlyn Jenner to celebrate Father's Day

To commemorate Father’s Day, Kendall recently uploaded a series of endearing throwback pictures featuring herself and Caitlyn Jenner.

Having a laugh: A joking picture had Caitlyn carrying a somewhat older version of his daughter, who had an unamused look plastered on her face. 'Still accurate,' she captioned the photo

Getting a chuckle: Caitlyn posted a playful image of herself holding what appeared to be an older version of her daughter with a less-than-pleased expression on her face. Underneath the photo, she wrote, “Looks like things haven’t changed much.”

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