Jason Statham’s Near-Death Experience on the Set of The Expendables 3

Jason Statham had a dangerous experience while filming Expendables 3 back in 2013. The incident involved a truck and left Statham referring to it as a “real recalibration.” The Expendables franchise aimed to bring back the nostalgia of classic action movies, relying on the star power of veteran performers like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, and Statham himself. While Stallone leads the series, Statham is a close second and had already inherited the mantle from older action icons by the time the first movie was released in 2010.

Jason Statham Nearly Drowned Filming The Expendables 3 - YouTube

From his early days in The Transporter series, Jason Statham has been showcasing his impressive martial arts skills in films like Crank and The Mechanic. With Sylvester Stallone stepping aside for the upcoming Expendables 4, it was only natural for Statham to take his place. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the story in The Expendables 3, Statham was underutilized and even absent for a portion of the film. Despite this, he still managed to be one of the movie’s highlights. While filming, however, a stunt that seemed simple at first nearly proved fatal for the talented actor. This accident is further explained in Jason Statham’s Expendables 3 mishap.

In the first act of The Expendables 3, the team goes on a mission to Somalia that quickly goes awry when they find themselves in a high-speed chase with the villain’s henchmen. Jason Statham’s character Christmas is driving a flatbed truck as they try to escape, and the scene ends with him pulling off a daring move that sends their pursuers flying. This scene was actually filmed in Bulgaria, and during one rehearsal, the brakes on Statham’s truck failed, sending it careening off a pier and into the Black Sea.

As a former diver who competed for England in the 1990 Commonwealth Games, Statham was able to escape through an open window. However, he revealed that his gun holster got snagged, causing him to panic. Luckily, he managed to get free and was rescued by the film crew. After getting dry and changing clothes, Statham finished filming the rest of the sequence as planned. Reflecting on the accident, Statham said that it put things in perspective for him.

While promoting The Expendables 3, Jason Statham and his co-stars shared the story of a past accident on set. Although the incident left a mark on Statham, he referred to it as a “pasty, pasty experience,” but also acknowledged that it provided perspective. Statham expressed gratitude for being able to walk on the ground and appreciate life after the incident. It’s fortunate that the accident didn’t lead to permanent injury or death, and Statham was able to find a positive takeaway from the frightening situation. This information was sourced from IGN, Red Bulletin (via The Evening Standard).

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